This site has recently been launched and will be an ongoing, growing thing, where guests can view and members can post comments, pics, and whatever’s on your mind. Shorty loves people and will also be keeping a regular Blog as he performs and we will be posting pics, audio downloads and videos as they come available. Feel free to jump right in and enjoy the fun as all are welcome!

6 thoughts on “About”

  1. I am working very hard to keep up with it all. just stay with me. keep checking back, thanks to everyone. be sure to let me know how things are, please sign in… have fun look around.. thanks

    • If music wasn’t work, everyone would be doing it… haha! Keep it up brother, the rewards always out pay the investment. Even when it seems like it broke us. Love your music, glad we got a chance to talk today. Looking forward to hearing more of your stuff and maybe get a chance to jam with you some day!

  2. florence brogdon said:

    Shorty, i was in Clarksburg WVa on Saturday September 11, 2010 and was able to be at the concert, I really enjoyed myself as did the 3 ladies that were with me. Actually I am a member of an community group in Warren Ohio and would actually like to discuss with you the chance to do a concert here, it would be inside not outside, would like to hear from you email address is flobrog50@gmail.com tel nbr 330 402-5948

  3. Shorty, it was a pleasure to meet you when you brought one of your buses down to get a/c work done on it. I hope your brother is doing better, by the way.. One question I have is why would someone as cool as you would even need air conditioning? lol.

    I watched a video of you and your band on youtube and I must say that’s some slick guitar playing and your band sounds tight..

    Jim @ Welch Ind.

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